Pricing Options

Wised is available both on SaaS and On Premise. Your Choice!

Its Licensing Model is setup according to the typical participants profiles in the decision process:

  • Model Owners: These users are responsible for the definition of the decision model (e.g.: Purchase departments for tenders, RH departments for performance evaluations, Strategic Departments for policies and strategies evaluations). These users have full access to Wised functionalities and can play a role on all the decision steps (from model definition to option evaluation).

  • Model Contributors: These users are able to participate in the decision process once invited. They can contribute to the model setup as experts in a specific domain (e.g: IT department defining the decision criteria and weights for a tender on hardware), play the role of jury (e.g: jury involved in the public tender evaluation, project team evaluating the impact of a specific strategy on a certain criteria), self-assessment entities (e.g: invited suppliers assessing their proposals on each criteria, employees making their own self assessment of a specific engagement or year end evaluation) and finally the analyst role (e.g: the decision owners using the report tools to help them take the decision)

Our SaaS solution guarantees the privacy of the information of our customers and secure and encrypted communications with our Cloud Server. The price list is as follows:

Academic* Standard Colaborative Premium
Price (per month) 29,99€ 49,99€ 149,99€ 499,99€
Included Model Owners 1 1 1 5
Included Model Contributors N/A N/A 50 Unlimited
Aditional Model Owners N/A 24,99€ 24,99€ 24,99€
Aditional Model Contributors N/A N/A 0,49€ N/A
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* Academic licence is only available under specific conditions. Please contact us for more information.

If you prefer the on premise installation, please contact us to get a quote from our comercial team.

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