WISED: Complex decisions made simple

A Multicriteria Decision Support System



A user-friendly application designed to ease complex decision making processes balancing Benefits, Costs and Risks.


Enabling the colaboration of all stakehoders in the decision making process. From the structuring of the model until the evalaution and analysis, the system enables a real time contribution of evaluators (of different areas, departments or organizations), and evaluatees (employees, suppliers, individuals, …).

Process driven

Typical business processes are implemented on predefined workflows to suit your problem contexts.

Methodologic robustness

Wised implements the world renowned MACBETH methodology providing solid grounds for robust, consistent and transparent decision making processes.

Qualitative judging procedure

WISED uses an interactive approach that requires only qualitative judgements about differences to help a decision maker or a decision-advising group quantify the relative attractiveness of options..

Top MCDA experts’ assistance

The solution was designed following the 20 years+ experience of top researchers and consultons on the MCDA field available to assist our custumers.

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